Report Working Visit World Championship FMBB: 12.07.2023

On July 12, 2023, the FMBB President and I had the pleasure of participating in a working visit for the FMBB World Championship, which took place in Bovolone, Italy. We were very well received and given an excellent opportunity to visit all the relevant sites, holding multiple very constructive meetings and making important arrangements.

Location: Bovolone, Italy

The choice of Bovolone as the host city for the FMBB World Championship turned out to be an splendid decision. The facilities were of a high standard and met all the requirements for an international championship. The welcome by the local organization was warm and welcoming, which added to the positive atmosphere of the event.

Site visits:

During the working visit, all relevant locations were visited, including the competition locations, training facilities and the places for the ceremonial activities. The accommodations were well organized and catered to the needs of both participants and visitors. The layout and logistics were efficient, allowing for a smooth execution of the event.

Constructive Meetings:

During the working visit, several meetings were held with representatives of the FMBB and local organizers. These meetings were extremely constructive and resulted in clear communication channels and cooperation agreements. Important topics such as safety, logistics, communication and implementing decisions were discussed in detail and strategies were developed to address potential challenges.

Agreements and agreements:

One of the most significant results of the working visit was the establishment of concrete agreements and agreements. These include the division of responsibilities between the FMBB and the local organizers, clear guidelines for the implementation of the event. These agreements will contribute to the successful implementation of the FMBB World Championship and will form the basis for any future collaborations.

In conclusion, the working visit to the FMBB World Championship on July 12, 2023 was extremely productive and promising. Bovolone’s hospitality, the efficient organization of the event, and the constructive cooperation between all parties involved promise a successful championship. I look forward to witnessing an exciting event that unites and promotes the canine world.

Geert Bouckaert

FMBB Board, FMBB npo


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