Report Second Working Visit to Bovolone, Italy – World Championship FMBB 2024

After the successful first working visit on 12.07.2023 to Bovolone, Italy, we have decided, by invitation, to return with an extensive delegation from the FMBB board. This second working visit gave us the opportunity to assess the progress of the preparations for the 2024 World FMBB Championship and to be present at the Italian national championship for Belgian Shepherd Dogs in multiple disciplines.

Venue and National Italian Championship:

The choice to host the national Italian championship for Belgian Shepherd Dogs at the same location turned out to be an excellent idea. It gave us the chance to re-evaluate the facilities and see how well they functioned in the context of a larger event. The location once again met all expectations and proved to be suitable for the execution of the upcoming world championship.

Constructive meetings and information exchange:

During our stay, very constructive meetings were again held with representatives of the local organization. The focus was on exchanging information about the progress of the preparations, possible challenges and solutions. The open communication and shared insights have contributed to strengthened collaboration and a better understanding of each other’s needs.

Agreements with the Local Organization:

Important agreements were made with the local organization to ensure that the 2024 FMBB World Championship runs smoothly. Responsibilities were clearly divided, and plans were drawn up to address any bottlenecks. The local organization was very committed and willing to make adjustments to meet the specific requirements of the event.

Dinners as a Token of Hospitality:

In order not to forget the inner man, we were invited twice for an extensive and tasty dinner. This gesture of hospitality was much appreciated and contributed to an informal and positive atmosphere during the visit. It also provided an opportunity for informal discussions and the strengthening of mutual ties.

On behalf of the FMBB board, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the local organization. We are looking forward to a successful FMBB 2024 World Championship and are confident that the collaboration between all parties involved will lead to an unforgettable event for all participants and visitors.


Geert Bouckaert

FMBB Board, FMBB npo


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